Fire runs

Monday, Sept. 10

2:22 a.m. - Medical assist, south of Hanks Trail on 22nd Street

2:55 a.m. - Medical assist, 3300 block of 22nd Street

7:08 a.m. - Medical assist, 600 block of 16th Street

9:52 a.m. - Medical assist, 3800 block of 1st Street

1:31 p.m. - Fire call, Western Farmer's Electric near Mooreland

Tuesday. Sept. 11

8:37 a.m. - Medical assist, 2400 block of Texas

2:18 p.m. - Grass fire EW 33 and NS 210

4:57 p.m. - Medical assist, Grass Valley Acres

8:41 p.m. - Medical assist, Lakeview and Temple Houston Drive

Wednesday, Sept. 12

6:06 a.m. - Good intent call, 2200 block of Santa Fe

12:26 p.m. - Gas meter call, Ridgecrest Drive

9:53 p.m. - Medical assist, 900 block of 1st Street

Thursday, Sept. 13

1:42 a.m. - Medical assist, 6th and Main

Police Calls

Tuesday, Sept. 11

7:51 a.m. Animal at large (officer advised of a small non-aggressive dog at location that is keeping the kids from entering the building) WMS south campus

8:31 a.m. Information (person at station to speak to an officer in regard to a runaway)

9:19 a.m. Larceny (person at station to file a report on a credit card that was lost and used, but has been returned)

9:32 a.m. Suspicious vehicle (caller advised of a pick-up that was parked across from his house for awhile and a man got out and started yelling that he was going to leave the truck there) 800 block of 24th Street

11:42 a.m. Hit and run (caller advised that her car was rear-ended and the other person left the scene) 1200 block of Oklahoma

2:32 p.m. Vandalism (caller advised that a shopping cart hit his pickup and he wants to file a report) 3200 block of Williams

4:57 p.m. 9-1-1 call (caller advised that his wife needed to get to the hospital, but she was too weak for him to get her in the car) 9800 block of Grass Valley

5:15 p.m. Complaint (person at station and said that the people at a restaurant were mean to her when she went in to get a soda, they told her to go someplace else and she informed them that she wasn't allowed to go there)

5:51 p.m. 9-1-1 call (caller advised of a man that just walked out with a case of beer) 1100 block of 6th Street

6:20 p.m. Information (caller advised that the neighbor girl has climbed her fence to get in with her dog and she wants to know what her liabilities are) 1400 block of Kansas

7:23 p.m. Complaint (caller advised that the flag was dragging in the dirt at location and he felt that it was disrespectful) 2300 block of Oklahoma

8:40 p.m. Mail tampering (caller advised that someone had stolen her mail) 3000 block of Wilshire

8:41 p.m. 9-1-1 call (caller advised that a child needed medical attention due to a hit during a football game) Kids Inc. Football field

9:09 p.m. Disturbance (caller advised of a disturbance between a male and female at location) Ladd's Trailer Park

9:45 p.m. Accident (person at station to report an accident that happened earlier in the day)

Wednesday, Sept. 12

3:03 a.m. Outside assist (caller advised that he needed an officer to give air evac crew members a ride from the airport since they were not able to land in town on the helipad) WW Airport

5:57 a.m. Gas leak (officer advised of a possible gas leak in the area) 800 block alley between 22nd and 23rd Streets

8:28 a.m. 9-1-1 call (caller advised that it was an accidental dial he had just woken up) 1300 block of 13th Street

9:02 a.m. Mail tampering (person at station to file report on stolen mail)

9:38 a.m. 9-1-1 call (caller advised that her 17 year old son is at her home destroying property) 1400 block of 2nd Street

10:16 a.m. Forgery (caller advised of person that brought in a check from another person that they were not authorized to use) 2100 block of Oklahoma

10:32 a.m. EPO violation (person at station to file a report on his ex for violating her own EPO that she has on him)

12:26 p.m. 9-1-1 call (caller advised that he hit a gas line with a bobcat) 600 block of Ridgecrest

12:38 p.m. Larceny (caller advised that her cell phone was stolen from her residence) 900 block of 1st Street

2:16 p.m. Burglary (caller advised that his neighbor called him and said that his place was being broken into) 1100 block of 40th Street

6:23 p.m. 9-1-1 call (caller advised that she was trying to program her emergency contacts and did not realize it was calling 911) 1400 block of 6th Street

9:53 p.m. 9-1-1 call (caller advised that his wife had just stabbed him in the neck) 900 block of 1st Street

11:02 p.m. Public Welfare Check (WCSO called and advised that the suspect they had in custody from the earlier incident wanted someone to go and check on the juvenile male that she was the caretaker for and she thought the male party that she assaulted would be mean to him) 900 block of 1st Street

11:53 p.m. Alarm (caller advised of a commercial alarm at location) 800 block of 9th Street