Honk-n-Holler customer Kevin Bechard, 27, of Woodward doesn’t always buy a Powerball ticket, but Thursday, as he broke from his labor to get a beverage, he couldn’t resist taking a chance on a dream.

“After I saw what it got to, I was going to buy one last night, but I forgot,” Bechard said.

On Thursday, a winning ticket for Powerball, which is drawn in Des Moines, Iowa Wednesday and Saturday nights reached $275 million and that set into motion some “power plays” that the clerks at Honk-n-Haller have not seen very often.

“Yesterday, I sold a guy $200 worth of tickets and another one bought $80 worth,” said Honk-n-Haller manager Carla Nichols.

But Powerball is something this Woodwardite knows a little something about.

“I play the same numbers every time and once, I didn’t get in to buy a ticket and my numbers came up and I would have won $32,000 that day,” Nichols said.

And the Honk-n-Holler is no stranger to Powerball winners. Just two about two months ago area resident David Bergeron won $100 playing Powerball and earlier, another local won $500, however, he declined to be mentioned.

But for people like Bechard, who threw two dollars into the till for his chance at the dream, it is just a nice thing to think about. After so he smiled, gathered his 12 pack of Dr. Pepper and headed out to his work truck to put in another day of regular, ole hard work.

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