A man on the train tracks was hit and killed by a train in Woodward early Wednesday morning, according to Woodward police.

Joseph Allen Whitecrow, 32, was pronounced dead at the scene on First Street.

“We believe this was an alcohol involved incident,” said Det. Chuck Wheeler of the Woodward Police Department. “We have an eyewitness that states that he was laying on the tracks when the train made impact. We believe he either fell or stumbled onto the tracks but we are still investigating but we have no evidence to show there was any foul play involved.”

Police identified the dead man through fingerprints and identification found on the body.

“We do know that there was an individual that was seen with the victim when the train came through and we are asking for this person to come forward to police for questioning. We would just like to ask some questions in reference to the victim and we encourage this person to come forward as soon as possible,” Wheeler said. “However, no fault has been found on either side but we keeping the investigation open until we can determine if this was entirely an accident.”