The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and other area law enforcement agencies are searching a field north of Fort Supply Lake for additional remains after skeletal remains were found in the area Tuesday night.

However, OSBI Public Information Officer Jessica Brown said "we're not sure if the remains are human or animal."

"We probably have a number of people who could confirm whether it is (human), but we're going to try to track down a medical doctor today to get a stamp on it that is in fact human remains," Brown said.

Despite not having confirmation of human remains, she said officers went ahead with "searching (the area) for more remains in case that what we believe is true and it is human remains."

The search is necessary because only partial skeletal remains were discovered, which Brown said is not surprising.

"When there is a dead body out in a field, the animal activity is intense.  They'll carry off different body parts and that's the same if its a dead animal body.  So it's not uncommon for remains to be scattered around," she said.

There have been reports that the remains were found by some young hunters, but that has not been confirmed by OSBI officials.

"Someone else told me that they thought hunters had found it, which is typically how it happens, but I cannot confirm that," Brown said.

However, she was able to dispel one rumor that the remains had been discovered in a bag.

"There's no bag," she said.

As for questions about the type of the remains located, Brown said they were bones, but did not provide any additional details as to what type of bones.

When asked about the size of the bones and whether they might belong to a child, Brown said, "I'm not going to give any information on the size of the bones because we don't even know if they're human.

"So to give an idea of the type of person it may be, I think that would be jumping to conclusions and I don't want to do that," she said.

Brown said the State Medical Examiner's Office is aware of the situation and there has been an ME investigator "out in the area."

"But they've not picked up the remains yet," she said.  "We're going to keep them until we find others, if there are others to find."

OSBI was notified of the discovery of the remains around 9 p.m. Tuesday, Brown said.  But she was unable to say when local authorities were notified and the Woodward County Sheriff's Office was directing all calls to the OSBI.


Click below to watch short video featuring Fort Supply Police Chief Joe Cox commenting on the other law enforcement assisting in the investigation.  (CORRECTION: The location is incorrectly identified in the video, it is the mile-section to the southwest of the intersection of E/W 31 and N/S 193 that is blocked off as part of the search.)

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