The Oklahoma City Barons hockey organization is saying thank you for the support it has received from fans across the state by giving back to nonprofit groups throughout the state.

The Barons are calling it their “Miracles on Ice” fundraiser.

“The Oklahoma City Barons are saying thank you for welcoming us into the community,”  said Jennifer Reiswig, director of marketing for Prodigal, which is the umbrella company for the Barons.

Essentially the hockey organization is agreeing to donate $4 to the nonprofit of the buyer’s choice for every ticket that is purchased for the Barons Feb. 4 game against the Peoria (Ill.) Rivermen.

“We have over 100 nonprofits that have signed up so far,” Reiswig said.

“We just did a count and we were at 106 (nonprofits),” Reiswig told The News on Thursday afternoon.

That number includes 2 nonprofits in Woodward: the Plains Indians and Pioneers Museum and Northwest Domestic Crisis Services.


However, Reiswig said there is still time for other nonprofits to sign up.

“The deadline for nonprofits to register by is Jan. 14,” she said, noting “it’s really easy” to register.

“Any agency can sign up as long as they have a 501(c)3 registered federal ID number,” she said.

All nonprofit agencies have to do is go to and fill out a short registration form with the organization name, federal identification number, contact name and number and a donation goal, she said.

Once they have registered, the organization name will appear among the list of participating nonprofits on another webpage at  Those wanting to purchase tickets can visit that webpage and then click on the nonprofit they want to support.

After choosing the benefiting agency, Reiswig said ticket purchasers will be asked to fill out another form with contact name, number and the number of tickets they would like to purchase.

Once that information has been submitted, she said a Barons sales representative will contact the individual to finalize the sale and ensure that the donation is going to the correct agency.

“Every 501(c)3 nonprofit has been assigned a sales rep so that all the ticket sales for that agency will go through that same sales rep,” Reiswig said, noting that will help them to group people supporting the same institution together.

Because of this, fans also have the option of calling the organization’s assigned sales representative to purchase tickets.

To support Northwest Domestic Crisis Services by buying tickets, call Mary Kate Thayer at (405) 232-4625 ext. 119.

To support the Plains Indians and Pioneers Museum, call Chris Vann at (405) 232-4625 ext. 107.

“Tickets will then be available for pick up at will call or we can mail them if there is enough time,” Reiswig said.


Museum Director Robert Roberson said he signed the museum up for the Miracles on Ice fundraiser because the thought it is “a neat opportunity.”

“I don’t know if this town (Woodward) is a hockey town, but I thought, ‘why not try it?’” Roberson said.

“It’s a new way of marketing and fundraising and I’m willing to try anything,” he said, especially as the museum has recently faced some financial hardships.

“You have to be innovative and try any way you can to promote your organization,” Roberson said, “because our traditional ways to generate money are maxed out.”

For example, the museum doesn’t have the membership numbers that it used to.

Also since Plains Indians and Pioneers Museum doesn’t charge an admission fee, then Roberson said he has to resort to other avenues to generate money to keep the doors open and continue to offer programming and exhibits.

Any money that the museum is able to collect from Miracles on Ice will be used for operational costs, Roberson said, “because that is what we always need money for.”

He said he encouraged area residents who appreciate the museum and what it offers the community to purchase tickets for the game or “if they know of anybody who is a hockey fan, ask them to support us.”

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