This season’s flu vaccination is not a perfect match to the strain of influenza going around, but it is still helpful said Oklahoma State Department of Health Epidemiologist Emily Piercefield.

“We are still recommending that people get vaccinated with this year’s vaccine,” said Piercefield.

Piercefield said the three types of flu in this year’s vaccine are “two types of A and one type of B.” The dominant A strain is a very good match, the second A strain is a fair match and the B strain is a poor match, said Piercefield.

For those who have received the vaccine or go get the vaccine “there’s going to be some cross protection,” said Piercefield. She said even if someone is vaccinated and still ends up getting the flu, it is not likely to last as long or require hospitalization.

As for this year’s flu season, Piercefield said it is consistent with the last several seasons. Piercefield did warn that it the amount of flu cases is increasing and the rate of that increase could exceed that of last year.

“We still have plenty of flu vaccine,” said Woodward County Health Department RN Cathy Poe, for those who would like to get vaccinated.

Poe also said anyone who thinks they may be coming down with the flu should “be tested right away” so the necessary antivirals can be administered.

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