Woodward County Commissioners held a busy weekly meeting on Monday in the courthouse.

The board approved a transfer of appropriations within county general funds and a contract for services with Woodward County Assessor’s office for Visual Lease Services.

The board renewed the contract for dispatching with the 911 center. 

Maximum monthly highway expenditure was determined at $1,760,025.02, totaling to $586,675 for each district.

Commissioners approved a contract with Tiger Commissary for jail kitchen services. Tiger Commissary Representative Tom Glathar was present to answer questions. Sheriff Kevin Mitchell said this will save the county $.40 or more per meal, equaling around $40,000 a year. 

Mitchell also assured Commissioners that no staff members will lose employment with this change. They will be moved to a different area of the department.

Commissioners tabled the proposal from Oklahoma Department of Transportation for purchase of real property of lots 15 through 28 block 1 of Cline Park Second Addition to Woodward in District 1 for transportation improvement project.

Chuck Lynch with Pioneer Telephone and Michael Harber with AT&T Telephone addressed commissioners and presented price proposals. Commissioners took no action at this time in order to review the numbers and information presented.

Several sealed bids were opened for county-wide six-month bids for contract hauling, limestone chips, emulsion and grader blades and bolts. Low bids were accepted for contract hauling and grader blades and bolts. Limestone chips and emulsion bids were tabled for tabulation.

Over the weekend the fire department answered a fire alarm to the county jail. According to Mitchell, an inmate damaged on of the fire sprinklers, setting off the alarm.

“We’ve had sprinkler heads damaged several times over the years,” Mitchell said. “ When the water starts flowing, it sets off the alarms.”

In new business, County Clerk Wendy Dunlap presented commissioners with a water bill for the Juvenile Detention Center that hasn’t been paid since April.

Eastern Oklahoma Youth Services left the facility on May 7. On May 9, Western Plains Youth and Family Services entered into contract with the county for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Commissioners also received and reviewed quotes for new appliances for the detention center that were either missing from the premises or found to be in disrepair.

Commissioners discussed possible moving of the election room in the basement to another location. Several options were discussed, hoping to make things more accessible for voters and more secure.

District 1 Commissioner Troy White commented on the good rodeo turnout, especially on Saturday.

District 3 Commissioner Vernie Matt commented that Western Road is still closed from flooding and voiced concern about Wolf Creek still flowing and Fort Supply Lake needing to be drained, which will potentially cause road crossings to be compromised. He also expressed concern that truck traffic is breaking down county roads that are soft with moisture.

Spraying for mosquitoes was also mentioned by commissioners.

White said spraying is being done in a rotation around the county, but that they were concentrating more heavily on the fair grounds during the rodeo. Matt suggested Vici 4-H camp needs to be a focus now as camp will begin soon.