Woodward residents may have noticed a higher water bill over the last two months.

All residents of Woodward had a $1.40 increase per bill, as a matter of covering a costs of living increase, which is put out yearly by the Federal Government.

This increase is not related in any way and in no way funds any other projects, such as the storm water retention pond, 34th Street project or the new automatic water meters, according to City Clerk Andrea Murlin.

 A recent spike in comments made on social media sparked a need to help Woodward residents understand their bill better. Murlin made herself available to answer questions through the Woodward News to that end.

 “It (the increase in the water bill) was $1.40 increase for their total bill,” Murlin explained. “It was just the cost of living increase…we do that annually. The bills that came on September 1st represented mid-July through mid-August,” she said.

 Murlin also explained that the bill received this month is for water used in July. Murlin explained that the city bills about 45 days behind the usage of water.

 “And that was the dryer part of the summer. I'm sure people were watering more, you know, than they have been most of the summer because we've had a lot of rain,” Murlin said.

 The $1.40 increase is a separate issue from the new automatic metering system. The new system merely changes the way the water is measured from measuring every 1,000 gallons to every 1 gallon, Murlin said. For instance, residential water costs $1.95 cents per every 1,000 gallons after the first 3,000 gallons, she said. “Now, that cost will show .00195 per gallon,” she said. “So, residents will see on their bill how their usage is by the gallon instead of per 1,000 gallons. It will be easier to read.”

 The new automatic metering system has not been installed in all areas of the city, Murlin said.

 The bills residents receive will not reflect the readings of the new meters until they have all been installed, she said.

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