Haines Capital Group of Oklahoma City has acquired the Mutual of Omaha facilities in Woodward.

The company made the announcement in a news release Tuesday afternoon. The approximately 12.5 acre campus holds two buildings joined by an atrium, with nearly 60,000 square feet.

Brad Haines, CEO of Haines Capital Group, has a long history of business ties to Northwest Oklahoma and his expertise in the oil and gas pipeline industry goes back to the early 1980s.

He is currently chairman of Bank 7, which opened its Woodward branch in March.

“We’re enthusiastic about the chance to attract new or existing organizations to this great location,” Haines said. “The property will accommodate one or multiple end users leaving the possibilities endless. Our intent is to promote this Woodward campus and stimulate economic growth.”

Hugh Jones, chair of the Woodward Industrial Foundation, said, “We are delighted that an investment company with strong Woodward connections purchased the Mutual of Omaha facilities. Brad Haines is a former Woodward resident and businessman. I know that he will utilize the property in the best interest of the Woodward community.”

The Mutual of Omaha facility on Oklahoma Avenue was built in 1995 and expanded in 1999.

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