Doug Milner is on a treasure hunt.

No, he is not looking for a pirate chest filled with gold coins. He is searching for stories from his late father’s past.

Milner’s father Raymond S. Milner passed away from cancer in Dec. 2003.

Recently, however, one of his aunts presented him with some photographs of the strapping young Raymond Milner.

In pouring over these pictures, many of which show an 18-year-old Raymond in his graduation gown or Navy uniform, Milner said he realized how little he knew about his father’s youth.

He knows that his father was born in Woodward on Jan. 18, 1928 and graduated from Woodward High School in 1946. That same year, his father, who at the time couldn’t “swim a lick,” joined the Navy and went to serve on a destroyer in the South Pacific, Milner said.

He said his father married his mother around the same time, so he has heard stories from Raymond’s experiences in the Navy and about his parents early years together.

However, Milner said he knows next to nothing about what his father did before he joined the Navy.

He said this ignorance became even more noticeable as he picked through the old pictures and noticed several in which his father was posed beside two fellows who looked like friends, but who he never heard of before.

From the pictures, Milner said the men, identified as Dale Holloway and Eugene Holloway were “obviously chummy” with his dad.

He said there are not only photos of the three graduating from high school together, but also photos of them together at their eighth grade commencement ceremony.

He said it seems the three could have been boyhood buddies.

Milner also said he knows the friendship continued beyond high school.

“I know they joined (the Navy) together,” he said, “and I’m almost positive they went to boot camp together.”

Milner said he is currently searching for any information about Dale and Eugene because he would love the opportunity to talk to them if he could.

“I’m curious what stories they could tell,” he said, noting that his father was “a rowdy fellow” when he was younger.

“Dad was quite a character,” he said.

Besides getting to know a little bit more about his father’s personal past, Milner said he is also interested in learning more about what it was like to be a teenager during World War II as his dad was.

Milner said he has always enjoyed learning about history. He teaches American History to eighth graders in Texas where he now lives.

Milner described his search for Dale and Eugene Holloway as “a treasure hunt” as he looks for precious memories that the two men may have of his dad.

If you know anything about these two gentleman or know how they might be contacted, please contact the Woodward News at 580-256-2200

Milner said he is hopeful that someone will have information that will help him satisfy his curiosity.

He said he never quite realized how curious he was about his father’s life until it was too late.

“You really don’t realize what you’ve got until you’ve lost it,” Milner said.

However, he is confident that if he can talk with Dale and/or Eugene he will be able to recover some of his father’s lost stories.

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