As Woodward grows and prospers, the community strives to maintain its small town feel while offering big city amenities, such as the services of a knowledgeable interior designer as can be found at Meliza’s Interiors.

Kristen Meliza seemed destined for interior design long before she earned a bachelor’s degree in the field from Oklahoma State University.

According to her mother, Lynda Meliza, Kristen was always doing something creative whether it was drawing in a sketchbook or mixing colors and patterns in her wardrobe.

“She was always moving the furniture around in her room,” Lynda said.

Lynda also said her daughter was a big asset in the flower shop she owned and operated in Laverne for six years. She said Kristen not only created some beautiful window displays, but was also one of the best salespersons she ever had – and she was only in high school.

Kristen said it was around her junior year at Laverne High School that she realized she wanted to become an interior designer. So when she visited OSU for a campus tour during her senior year, she made sure to get information about the school’s interior design program.

She quickly learned that “there is more to it (interior design) than just hanging a picture on a wall.”

However, Kristen said learning that interior design also involved things like drafting and developing lighting plans did not phase her. If anything, it made her more excited about the profession because it meant that there were “more things I could achieve with it.”

And it seems that Kristen has achieved quite a bit in the few years since she graduated from OSU.

After graduation she spent two years at a design firm in Oklahoma City. During that time she also began to do some work on the side for places around Woodward.

With continuing success and increasing business in the Woodward area, Kristen said she eventually decided to return to Northwest Oklahoma and open up her own design business.

She enlisted her mother’s help and Meliza’s Interiors became a reality.

After nine years, Kristen said Meliza’s Interiors continues to succeed and grow.

In fact, she said after just one year she had to move her shop from The Village to its present location in the 800 block of Main St. because she needed more room.

Now that another eight years has gone by, Kristen said she could use even more space if she could find it.

Beyond the need for more gallery space, Kristen’s success can also be seen through the fact that referrals have landed her jobs as far away as Amarillo.

She has also done some work in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area as well since moving to Woodward, but said most of her work is still in the Woodward area.

“I like doing work here,” she said.

And if you really want to see Kristen’s success, all you have to do is pick up a copy of Design Oklahoma. She said one of her room designs was featured in the magazine in 2006.

While proud of her magazine spread, Kristen said she is prouder of a recent job where she was able to create an ADA accessible home around a client’s particular needs.

She enjoyed designing that house because by accommodating the client’s needs, the design also “improves his quality of living and gives him security because he knows he can stay there as long as he wants.”

Kristen said she enjoys doing residential work because she gets to know her clients and discover their needs and desires.

“It’s exciting to make that happen, to help them make their own unique place,” she said.

But unlike other designers who just focus on residential work, Kristen said she also enjoys doing commercial work.

“I like them equally,” she said.

While with residential work she is able to help others realize their visions, Kristen said with commercial work she is able to explore and express her own creativity a little more.

Lynda suggested that it is her daughter’s creativity that truly sets the business apart.

She said their mother-daughter partnership may be a little unusual and sometimes people are surprised to discover there is a professional interior design firm in Woodward, but said what really makes the business unique is her daughter’s “God-given talent.”

She commented on how her daughter can “put together patterns and colors and things that stretch people into a world that they would not have thought of themselves.”

“It’s been really exciting for me to see her create and design, I think, in a very unusual way,” Lynda said.

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