Woodward First Assembly Pastor Brad Smith is releasing his first book, Revive: 30 Days To Awaken Your Faith, available on Amazon beginning July 12.

Under his personal nonprofit, Brad Smith Ministries, Smith is partnering with missionaries in Kenya.

“I’ve worked in Kenya for 10 years and have personally led over 8,000 Masai to Jesus. One on one,” Smith said. “I go every fall.”

The money raised through the sale of the book will help launch a school to train local Kenyan ministers as missionaries to surrounding nations.

“I was inspired to write this to help people stir their faith in Christ,” Smith said. “It’s important to me because I’m investing in a training center to multiply the work we’ve done there.”

According to the book description, if you have ever felt lost, out of place or worn down, you need to discover who God created you to be. Explaining that Jesus didn’t die a brutal death on the cross so you could just survive, He wants you to thrive. In Revive: 30 Days To Awaken Your Faith, Pastor Brad gives practical, daily steps to take readers from spiritual life support to personal revival.

For more information about Brad Smith Ministries, call 580-571-4854 or email brad@bradsmithministries.com.

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