local grad honored

University of Oklahoma President Joseph Harroz presents the President's Award for top 15 sophomore at OU to Brayden Love at a recent ceremony. (Photo provided).

For the second year in a row, Woodward High School graduate Brayden Love has received a top award from the University of Oklahoma.

Love, who is studying political science pre-law, was recently selected as a top 15 sophomore at OU. A year ago he was selected as a top 15 freshman.

Love is also a member of the President's Leadership Class at Oklahoma.

His rural heritage is a big part of the success he's achieved.

"I'm blessed to come from a community that was relentless in helping me reach new heights in my academic achievement and community service as a senior at Woodward High School," said the 2019 graduate. "Claiming I achieved what I did on my own is simply not accurate. Had I not been born and raised in Woodward, there is no doubt in my mind that I would not be where I am today.

"I am, and forever will be grateful for the community and the family that made me who I am."

Love is involved in a number of organizations at OU and he works as a messenger in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and is an OU tour guide.

He is also a member of the Student Government Association Executive Cabinet, Crimson Club (official university ambassadors and historians under the office of OU President) and OU Pre-Law Society.

"I think it's important that rural students know that they have the ability to achieve whatever they might choose to do in their lives - academically or professionally," Love said.

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