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Lily Pauley of Woodward in a recent motocross competition.

Up and coming Motocross star Lily Pauley of Woodward, age 10, recently became South, Central, and West Regional Motocross female champion in her age group.

"It's really cool to be in this position because you have so many people believing in you and cheering for you it makes you just want to win more," Pauley said.

And win more she has. In addition to being a champion in those three regions, Pauley has also recently taken 1st place in girls class in Tulsa, Austin Texas, Little Rock Ark., Wichita Kan., and was second in Dever, Colo.

Pauley began riding when she was nearly 4 years old, picking up an interest in riding from her sisters, Zoe Thompson and Autumn Goodmen and her father Levi Pauley.

She competes in girls age 7 to 13 years old riding 65cc to 105cc motorcycles. Pauley herself rides a 65cc, but hopes to move up to an 85cc by the summer.

"An 85cc bike can make it through turns and ruts easier, so I think a bigger bike will help," she said.

Pauley said her role models are motocross and supercross champion Ryan Villopoto and stunt rider and daredevil Robbie Maddison.

"Ryan is such a good influence," Pauley said. "He's been hurt many times but he always gets up and comes back. And Robbie is nuts."

Another rider who has influenced Pauley is Ashley Fiolek, deaf motocross racer and 2008 WMX Pro National champion.

Pauley was excited to recently receive a Fox Head jacket that once belonged to Fiolek during her trip to motocross camp with motocross trainer Shannon NiDay.

As regional champion, Pauley has earned an opportunity to attend the Las Vegas Amsoil National Championship. To help earn money to attend the event, she and her family will be holding a raffle on items donated by local businesses.

First place in the raffle will be a $250 gift certificate to Paper Street Tattoo in Woodward, second place is a Supercross fan pack including a signed poster from motocross super star Ricky Carmichael, as well as over 20 other motocross pros, as well as various motocross key chains, stickers, and more. Third place will be a free family dinner donated by Chicken Express.

Tickets can be purchased at Chicken Express.

"One day I want to be champ," Pauley said, "and as you're driving into Woodward, I want there to be a sign that says, 'Welcome to Woodward, Home of Lily Pauley.'"

Her sponsors include All Star Customs, High Plains Cycle, High Plain Tire, Comstock, Chicken Express, NAPA, Coyote Services, RAW Motorsports, McKinsey Ford in Clinton, Motocross Vest, Papa and Grammy, as well as her mom, dad, and sister Autumn.

For more information you can contact Pauley's mother Olivia at 216-1370.

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