A home has been found for Smokey, a two-year-old male Great Pyrenees and Husky mix who was the object of debate over a Facebook live video on the Woodward Animal Control page.

After an investigation conducted by the Woodward County Sheriff’s Office, the District Attorney has concluded the incident involving Animal Control Officer Jeff Smith did not rise to the level of animal cruelty as defined in Oklahoma Statute. 

"The animal in question was not injured, and, as can be seen by viewing the entire video, the dog displayed no signs of being afraid of Animal Control Officer Smith subsequent the incident," said Captain Darren Navratil with the Woodward Police Department. "The action taken by Animal Control Officer Smith was deemed to be corrective in nature, rather than abusive."

According to Navratil, Smith has been employed as an Animal Control Officer since December of 2020. He holds a license through the State of Oklahoma as a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator and has been certified by the State of Oklahoma as an Animal Euthanasia Technician. 

"Smith has much experience dealing with animals both wild and domesticated," Navratil said. "Like all our Animal Control Officers, Smith goes to great lengths to find homes for animals taken in by Animal Control."

The goal of Woodward Animal Control to treat all animals humanely, Navratil.

"Ideally, the animals encountered by our Animal Control Officers are handled with the minimum force necessary in any given situation," Navratil said. "As far as disciplinary action taken against Animal Control Officer Smith, that is a personnel matter and cannot be discussed."

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