WAYNOKA - Waynoka's Museum-on-Main-Street has activities planned Saturday to showcase its ongoing Smithsonian exhibit.

Sandie Olson, President of the Woods County Historical Society, said this week's activities will be presented by the county's 5 Oklahoma Family and Community Education (OFCE) groups.

The Smithsonian's display and activities are part of its "Key Ingredients: America by Food" exhibit, which explores the history of American food.

The exhibit is open to visitors during the museum's regular hours Tuesday through Saturday from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day.  The special weekend programs start at 1:30 p.m. each Saturday.

"The OFCE will be displaying historical aprons, and have demonstrations on how to make butter from cream," Olson said of this Saturday's agenda. "They'll be making bread the old-fashioned way, as well as with machines."

There will also be a demonstration on the making of bierocks, which are pocket pastries filled with meat mixtures that often include cabbage, onions and spices.

She said visitors may participate in the demonstrations, including getting to taste samples of bierocks.

"We are doing this because we had an opportunity to apply for the exhibit's appearance," and were selected as one of several stops in the region for the traveling exhibit, Olson said.

She said a number of agencies provided support to help bring the exhibit to Northwest Oklahoma including, the National and Oklahoma Endowments for the Humanities and Sonic Drive-Ins.   

Also, she said, "Beaver Express Services helped with the setup."

Additional programs associated with the "Key Ingredients" exhibit will be held each Saturday through June 9, Olson said.

This will include a Chautauqua presentation on May 19 featuring actors portraying Fred Harvey, founder of the historic Waynoka Harvey House restaurant; Anne Morrow Lindbergh; Harvey Girl Helen Chapman; and Harvey House Chef Leo Ellis, Olson said.  

The Harvey House was part of a chain of restaurants - and in some cases hotels, also - that spanned the country and catered to train travelers moving between the middle of the U.S. and California in the early 20th Century. It employed many residents in the towns where it operated, and was especially known for hiring women. Ladies of that day had few other opportunities to work outside the home, so the Harvey House was a groundbreaking enterprise.

June 2 is "Clara Miller Day," recognizing the important historic Waynoka resident.

Clara Miller, now 92, was also in the restaurant business, starting Miller's Cafe in 1957. She still runs it, with daughter-in-law Sally Miller assisting, as they serve breakfast in the mornings and a lunch buffet on Sundays, Olson said.

"She is well-known here for her pies and hot rolls," Olson said. "She has always been active in the community, as well, having served on the city council."

The "Key Ingredients" program concludes June 9, with actress Judy Ferguson performing as Harvey Girl Ruby Pearl Moser.

The food history exhibit will then move on to Collinsville for its final Oklahoma stop, Olson said.

For more information, contact Olson at (580) 824-5871, or Marilyn Toellner, (580) 824-0795.

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