Aspen Milledge

Aspen Milledge (Photo provided by James Photographics)

Woodward High School Senior Aspen Milledge, like many seniors, is making arrangements for college in the fall.

For those that choose to attend college, seniors pick schools near and far from home. For Milledge, it’ll be over 4,000 miles from home.

Milledge has been accepted into the forensic science program at Glasgow Caledonian University in Glasgow, Scotland and will make the voyage to begin her new adventure in August. She plans to study forensic science, leaning more towards forensic psychology for a Masters Degree at the moment, but is open to change.

Wanting to study abroad, she applied to a number of schools across the pond and was accepted by several. Ultimately, her interest in Celtic lore drew her to choose GCU.

“I’d always been interested lore, like Celtic lore and stuff like that,” Milledge explained. “I looked into Scotland and just talking to the people there - they’re so welcoming. They want to show you around.”

The history buff is excited to experience the rich history Scotland has to offer, and explore a castle or two along the way.

“Just being surrounded by that history - I loved the idea of just walking among it every single day,” Milledge said.

The passionate explorer is ready to immerse herself in new cultures outside of Scotland as well.

“I think traveling will be really fun,” Milledge said. “It’s so incredibly easy to travel there. You can go to European countries, you can just hop on a train and go cross over to Paris. You kind of just have free roam up there… It’s great that I can experience other cultures besides that one.”

Her interest in traveling to new places was stoked by a trip to New York City, where so many different cultures meet.

“Just experiencing that, I was like - I don’t want to stay where everything’s the same,” Milledge said. “I want to go where I can go on a weekend and experience authentic Italian cuisine and see the Pantheon and everything like that right in front of me.”

Milledge hopes that her travels will help shape who she becomes as a person entering into adulthood.

“I want to build my character more,” Milledge said. “I think traveling abroad and studying abroad, especially staying there for long periods of time, I think that is the way to be more cultured.”

Milledge’s mom is thrilled for her daughter and excited to help get her started on her new journey.

“If everything works out right, when she goes I’ll stay for about a month to help get her settled,” April Martin explained.

During the spring and summer, Martin hopes to do a work exchange program for six months to enjoy the new country with her daughter.

Taking her first steps into the unknown, Milledge hopes to encourage others to reach for their dreams.

“If there’s something to learn from my story, it’s just that you can do anything you want to do,” Milledge said. “Set your heart really to it, and if you work hard enough, nothing will stop you. Get passionate about something in life and fight for it.”

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