The sun shining brightly. The whir from a passing boat. The sand between your feet. All are staples of springtime at Fort Supply Lake.

Don Underwood, the lead ranger at the lake said he expects the popular destination to remain that way this year.

He said that camp grounds operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have already been completely booked for the busy Memorial Day weekend and Fourth of July holiday. As of now, he said Labor Day weekend camp sites were still available.

Camping is not the only thing visitors can do. Swimming, boating and fishing are available for those who make the trek to the lake.

Underwood stressed that people who visit the lake need to take precautions so they remain safe and are able to enjoy their visit.

“We really do encourage folks not to be complacent,” Underwood said.

He mentioned that Fort Supply Lake is known for its shallow waters, but people have drowned in them before. He said everyone who goes out on the lake should wear a life jacket that feels comfortable.

Once safety precautions are observed, Underwood says everyone should be able to enjoy their stay at the lake.

“It’s an exciting time of the year,” Underwood said. “It’s a chance to see old friends again.”

Underwood said the lake will begin to see more visitors, specifically campers, in April. By May 1 he said he expects to see a steady flow of people until the weather gets cold again.

Visitors will see no major changes to the lake Underwood said. The area did not need any major improvements and should remain that way barring any unfortunate accidents or weather.

Above all, Underwood expects this year to be just as enjoyable and successful as the previous years have been.

“We’re just looking forward to the big crowds again,” he said.

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