Flowers and candy will be a common sight today and Woodward’s florists and confectioners will be running to and fro all day.

“It’s going real good,” said Cherry Blossom Florist owner Connie Lamberth. “A lot of people have ordered early.”

Both Lamberth and Ain’t That Sweet co-owner Karen Harrison agree that Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest of the year and both recruit extra employees for the day.

While many people have put some forethought into their Valentine’s Day gifts Harrison said she and the other staff are more than willing to help the men out there who need a little assistance with last minute gift ideas.

“We’re real good at helping them out,” said Harrison.

Not only do the Ain’t That Sweet employees come to the aid of shoppers in distress but they also have customers bring unusual items to be put in gift baskets.

Harrison listed Copenhagen, deodorant and lottery tickets as some of the more unusual items they have put in with custom gift baskets.

“It’s always fun,” said Harrison.

Lamberth said during the Valentine’s Day rush she not only seeks the help of extra delivery staff but she also makes full use of flower arrangement designers.

The classic red rose is always the most popular choice for Valentine’s Day and Lamberth is pleased with her stock.

“The roses have come in beautiful this year,” said Lamberth.

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