Woodward County Fair Board members expressed support for the Crystal Beach Master Plan after hearing a presentation by Woodward City Manager Alan Riffel Monday night.

Riffel and Doug Haines, city financial officer, gave an overview of the project to board members. The proposal for the continuation of an existing one-cent sales tax to fund the project goes before city voters on Dec. 12.

Much of Riffel’s presentation focused on the multi-event center that will be located across the street from the county’s fairbuildings complex.

“We’re here to give you an overview of what we’ll be doing (provided the issue is approved by voters),” Riffel said. “There will be a major change across the street from you - not only in facilities, but a change in organizational control too.”

A major part of the park’s master plan is covering the existing grandstand and arena, and building another grandstand and arena, then having a two-story complex in between for chutes, announcers, etc. . .

Riffel pointed out that a multi-events center could be used by the county for various events, especially ones that may outgrow the county’s current barn space.

Riffel also said at some point as the project went along and facade designs became final he hoped the board would consider changing the facade on its buildings to tie in with the overall park design. Riffel emphasized that he wasn’t asking for that type of commitment right now.

“Our goal is to have everything tie together and (the facades) look alike,” Riffel said. “I think this would go a long way to enhance both facilities.”

In answer to a question about user costs, Riffel said it would likely cost very little, or even nothing, for community type events. He and fair board members noted the current fair buildings generate a lot of traffic over the course of a year.

Riffel emphasized that the city would work to form a closer relationship with the county and the fair board in use of the new facilities.

“I just want to put it out there that we need to work together on all this to see if we can make everything better,” he said.

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