Pressure foot, feed dog, faceplate, oh my! National Sewing Machine Day is Saturday, June 13.

I’m dreaming of spools and bobbins full of colorful threads, rather than wintry candy and sugarplums these days. I always find the urge to dust off the sewing machine in summer. Cute skirts, tops, aprons and sunbonnets start popping ideas into my head. Rather than turning on the dreaded news, I want to binge-watch YouTube tutorials on quilt-making, costumes and crafts.

It’s not all my fault though. My addiction (yes it definitely is an addiction) is fed by sweet ladies in our community who take it upon themselves to donate to the cause (or enable my habit). I seem to be the perfect recipient of their cast-off housecleaning and downsizing efforts. After all, I am the sewing mother of a large family, I must be in need of more sewing machines and fabric. I seldom turn down such donations, but keeping up with them is another story entirely.

I have more UFO’s in my sewing space than Area 51. (UnFinished prOjects, that is.) I use to keep up a lot more than I do now. New brides got a set of placemats with a matching apron and new mothers got a handmade receiving blanket or quilt.

I’m not really sure when I fell behind, but life happened and my sewing machines and I fell out of favor. Now I dust them and oil them for special occasions. Last year it was two weddings. (By the way, if two of your daughters decide to get married within a few months of each other, run away from home.) This year, it has been a new grandbaby and mask-making. As the summer continues, I intend to hone my potholder skills, finish a few projects and make some new outfits for our little granddaughter.

First, I need to service the poor, neglected machines and get them in prime shape for a sewing marathon. (Then pick through the out-of-date patterns that are coming back into style.) Instead of turning on the screen, why not pick up a forgotten hobby and turn the frustration of our day into something productive? Wouldn’t it be amazing if all the area County Fairs had twice as many entries this year? If you aren’t sure where to start, call up the ladies at the local OSU Extension office and ask for ideas. They have patterns and recipes too.

Dawnita Fogleman is a staff writer for the Woodward News

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