An area in the Briarwood Addition, including some of the Briarwood Apartments in Woodward was evacuated for a few hours on Sunday while law enforcement officers had an object checked out by bomb technicians.

According to the Woodward Police Department, a young man brought back an object that possibly looked like sticks of dynamite to his home on Blue Sage Drive Sunday. The young man had found the object on the family homestead.

The man’s mother called the police to check out the object and “the officer and representatives of the fire department could not determine exactly what it was,” said Woodward Det. Lt. Chuck Wheeler.

The call came in just before 2 p.m.

A 300-foot perimeter was established around the house and people were evacuated until bomb technicians arrived from Oklahoma City. The area was evacuated for safety reasons until the object could be removed, Wheeler said.

“It appears from the report that the shape of the object appeared to be nine sticks of dynamite molded over time and with wires sticking out, so they weren’t sure,” Wheeler said.

Bomb technicians collected the object, put it in a bomb container and moved it away from the area. The object was later detonated, and turned out to not be dynamite.

“The bomb people determined it was an old dry cell battery pack,” Wheeler said.

The detective said with the condition of the object and the wires sticking out, he could see why the person who found it might have thought it was dynamite.

Moving such an object is a dangerous thing, Wheeler said, adding that if you find and object that looks like it might be explosive, you should not move it. but instead call authorities and have them look at it.

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