New covid update

Dear Boomer family,

We’ve made it to Fall Break, and we know everyone is ready for a few days off! District leadership met this morning with school medical personnel and other stakeholders to review updated COVID-19 data from the Woodward County Health Department. Most recent numbers indicate 37 new cases with 44 active cases, not including those in congregant living facilities.

We are very encouraged by these numbers, and although there continues to be community spread, our cases within the school remain manageable. Based on the available data, we will continue to move forward next week with the current safety protocols. The wearing of a mask or face covering is strongly recommended for all students and staff and is required in office areas and situations in which social distancing is not possible.

We want to thank all of our parents for continuing to be cautious when their children are not feeling well and for notifying us of exposures that happen outside of school. We are proud of the level of personal responsibility for so many students, staff, and parents in being a part of the safety measures that are keeping our schools open! If you are identified as a close contact with someone who tested positive, please make sure you stay home, away from others during the 14-day quarantine to prevent the possibility of spreading the virus. Many active infections are asymptomatic, and the individual "shedding" the virus is unaware they are doing so.

As we go into Fall Break, please be safe, and remember these important tips:
*Wash your hands
*Wear a mask or face covering when around groups of people where social distancing is not possible
*Carefully consider safety precautions if you are traveling over the break; avoid risky situations

Thank you and have a wonderful Fall Break!

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