County Commissioners are slated to discuss a resolution establishing an account in the treasurer's office for the Woodward County Flood Plain Board.

Charolett Waggoner, county clerk, said the flood plain board is receiving permit fees and they need an account to deposit fees and any expenditures.  Commissioners will vote on the new account during their regular meeting at 10 a.m. Monday in the Woodward County Courthouse.

Commissioners will also consider action on the appointment of receiving officers, Jennifer Wheeler and Rayna Merkley, for the sheriff's office and D.A.R.E. program.  

Juvenile detention service agreements will also be discussed.

A detention services agreement between Western Plains Youth And Family Services and Beckham County Detention Center as well as an agreement between Osage County Juvenile Detention Center and the commissioners of Woodward County will be voted on.

A request for a transfer of funds from the EMS Personnel Services fund to EMS Maintenance and Operations funds will be voted on as well. Waggoner said while she is unsure of the specific reason of the transfer, usually it is because money is needed in a certain account.

The board will also consider action on a lease agreement between Clair and Stephanie Craighead and the Board of Woodward County Commissioners. Waggoner said the agreement is for a 300 square foot area for a radio transmitting and receiving tower.

"It's a lease we've had with the Craigheads for several years," she said.

Other agenda items include the maximum monthly highway expenditures for June, county officer reports for May, blanket purchase orders.


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