County meeting

Barbara Anderson (right) of the County Treasurer’s office addressed Woodward County Commissioners regarding a transfer of unused purchase order reserves for the Juvenile Detention Center. (Photo by Dawnita Fogleman)

The Board of Woodward County Commissioners regular monthly meeting was held Monday morning at the courthouse.

In addition to regular business, Commissioners approved designation of Compliance Resource Group as the third party administrator for Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the clearinghouse is a database containing CDL drivers’ drug and alcohol program violations. The county is required to report and query all CDL drivers for annual verification and all CDL pre-employment screening.

Representatives from Pioneer Telephone addressed the board regarding internet and telephone system for the Restitution and Diversion Division Office. According to District Attorney Christopher M. Boring, he was under the impression that office was in the original contract. Upon learning the office would have an additional $700 bill for the internet upgrade, he advised to board not to include it in the upgrade. No action was taken on the agenda item.

An adjustment for the Juvenile Detention Center was approved. According to Barbara Anderson of the County Treasurer’s office, unused purchase order reserves have caused a clerical discrepancy between the County Clerk’s office and the Treasurer’s office. The approximately $5,000 can now be used for Juvenile Detention Center expenses.

The board approved Jonna Schmidt as Nationwide Retirement Solutions Coordinator and Sara Cramer as Alternate Coordinator.

A transfer of appropriations for OSU maintenance and operation to OSU personal service was approved. The funds had been put in the wrong account on the computer, according to County Clerk Wendy Dunlap.

Allocation for Alcoholic Beverage Tax was calculated and approved at $18,537.86.

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