Woodward Board of County Commissioners met Tuesday after Labor Day weekend for a short meeting.

The meeting was held on Tuesday due to the holiday.

Sheriff Kevin Mitchell updated the board on an estimate of $6,000 for repair on the padded cell in the jail. The damage was mostly due to water after an inmate damaged the fire sprinkler system. The padded cell offers a safe alternative for inmate restriction, compared to the restraint chair which he prefers only as a last resort. 

A resolution was approved for abandoning a previous resolution R-19-76 (correction from R-19-75) for Public Comments which was approved Jan. 28 of this year. This means there will no longer be a public comments section on the meeting agenda. 

Commissioners approved Woodward County schedule of expenditures of federal awards for fiscal year ending June 30, 2019.

A contract with Canadian County Juvenile Detention was approved for fiscal year 2019 and 2020 services.

The board set the date for a public hearing for zoning reclassification for Monday, Sept. 23, the details of which will be posted in the paper for two consecutive weeks prior to the hearing. Preston and Donna Olson will present the motion by MAPC Bd for a 4.7373 acre tract in section 8 T22N R20W to be rezoned from A-1 General Agricultural District to I-2 General Industrial District. This will also include four tracts to the south and east to meet adjoining property currently zoned I-2.

Doug Eagon brought some concerns to the board in a discussion of real estate contract from seller Columbian Club to Woodward Conservation District in Section 5 T22N R20W. Eagon’s concern seemed to be an authorization of $200,000 for purchase of property on Lakeview Drive that is not being used.

Chairman Troy White said he thought Eagon was addressing the wrong board about this particular issue. White presented Eagon with a copy of the letter of project budget funds breakdown from Architects in Partnership, P.C. to the Woodward County Commissioners regarding the fairground facility improvements dated Nov. 27, 2017. In that breakdown, $250,000 was for soil conservation, a lump sum for building or land.

County commissioners meet each Monday at 10 a.m. in the courthouse.

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