After their meeting on Feb. 25 was cancelled due to the blizzard, Woodward County Commissioners will be making up some back work as well as address a few additional items during their next meeting Monday at 10 a.m. in the courthouse.

Representatives from the county's financial advisor, underwriter, and bond counsel will be on hand for a discussion with the commissioners regarding the financing of the upcoming Woodward County Fairgrounds Improve-ment Project.

"They'll be there to discuss what's going on with Fairgrounds Improvement Project so if anyone has any questions they can be answered," County Clerk Charolett Waggoner said.

Waggoner emphasized that this would only be a discussion and that no action would be taken.

In other financial matters, the commissioners will also consider action on the financing documentation from Stock Exchange bank for a VT Hackney Rescue Truck to be available for use by county fire departments.

Waggoner explained that this item was tabled from a previous meeting because the truck had yet to be delivered. She said the truck had to be in their possession before the paper work could go through.

The item may have to be tabled yet again, she said, because the truck's delivery was delayed by the recent snowstorms.  However, she said the item was included on the agenda in case the truck arrives before Monday's meeting.

In other business, the commissioners will open bids for a project overlaying county road NS-203 from EW-51 to EW-48 and from EW-43 to EW-42. The project is anticipated to cost an estimated $1.5 million pending what bids are received.

Waggoner said the project will be along 8th Street south of Woodward city limits.

"The first mile is a mile south of Hanks Trail, and they'll do that asphalt overlay there," she said. "Then it'll skip 5 miles and they'll do the overlay from the Sharon-Shattuck road 3 miles north."

In addition, the county board will consider action on a grant from the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security for the Medical Reserve Corp equipment for Health Department.

"That is for the Health Department to help purchase equipment for preparedness. This is a grant from the Office of Homeland Security they've secured for their equipment," Waggoner said.

Items intended for purchase with the grant include such equipment as radios, go-bag emergency backpacks, as well as tables and folding chairs among other things, she said.

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