Woodward’s Crystal Beach Master Plan is well under way with phase one.

Woodward’s Parks and Beautification Board held a meeting Tuesday morning to discuss the plans and progress of the Crystal Beach Park renovation.

City Manager Alan Riffel said phase one of the project which is the arena renovation is well under way and should be ready in time for the annual Elks Rodeo in June.

Riffel said the budget for the renovations is constantly being evaluated with each phase of the park and priorities are carefully being set.

“With each phase we’re evaluating how the dollars are stacking up,” said Riffel.

Several alternate options are being examined currently for an exterior staircase for the arena and the decision will be made based on the budget.

The next phase of the park renovations will be landscaping and paving for parking lot areas including the addition of a cul-de-sac between Fuller Park and Kids, Inc.

The renovation of the Kiwanis train track will be made after the aquatic complex is built.

“Preliminary designs are set for the aquatic complex which affects the train plans,” said Riffel. “The primary thing that’s affecting the train . . . are the elevations of the park.”

Riffel said several additions of the park will be elevated and the train may need to cut through embankments. The train track may be up to three times as long as it is currently.

A meeting will be held Thursday at 2 p.m. for contractors who would like to make public bids for the Fuller Park renovation.

All parts of the park will be wheelchair excessible when the renovations are complete.

“When this is all said and done, this community will be very proud of what we’ve got,” said Board President Lester Neill.

The board members also discussed the new “Wecome to Woodward” sign that will soon be placed on W. Oklahoma Avenue. Trees have been planted and rock will be ordered to build the new sign.

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