County Commissioners had a change of pace from the usual board meeting as they went on their annual inspection of the Woodward County Jail Monday.

The tour was led by Sheriff Gary Stanley and consisted of visiting areas designed for the holding and observation of prisoners as well as basic amenity areas such as the kitchen and laundry room.

Following the tour the commissioners agreed that the facility was up to par with standards.

District 2 Commissioner Ted Craighead said, "Things look very good."

That wasn't the only law enforcement related business on the agenda, as the commissioners also approved the disposal of a sheriff’s department vehicle through the statewide auction in Elk City.

The vehicle to be sold is a 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe with over 200,000 miles.

Stanley said, "It’s worn out. The motor is clacking, and whether it's a valve or a piston causing it, it's better to sell it now because it’s worth more while the motor is running."

Also on the agenda was a correction to the Woodward County Employee Personnel Policy Handbook concerning military leave pay. The current policy reflected military leave pay for those working in the private sector, but since Woodward County employees fall under the category of government  workers, the policy had to be amended.

Commissioners also appointed Todd Stoll to the Woodward County Fair Board from district 2 to fill the remaining term of Wade Free.

Craighead explained that Free was busy with matters in Oklahoma City, and was finding it difficult to find the time to make the fair board Monday evening meetings, so Stoll was asked to take his place.

The meeting concluded with the acceptance of a bid from Allied Custom Gypsum for a 6 month supply of Gyp rock for all district road repairs.

Due to the Christmas holiday, next week the commissioners will meet on Wednesday, Dec. 26.

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