Health care will be a topic of discussion during Monday's regular meeting of the Woodward County Commissioners.

The county board is slated to receive a presentation on the Oklahoma Public Employees Health and Welfare (OPEH&W) health plan during the meeting, which will begin at 10 a.m. Monday in the county courthouse.

The presentation will be led by Ross Naylor, vice president of McElroy & Associates, which serves as the OPEH&W plan administrator.

Wendy Dunlap with the Woodward County Clerk's Office explained that the presentation is at the request of McElroy & Associates.

"They requested to be put on the agenda so they could present this plan to the county, but the commissioners are going to be just listening," Dunlap said.  "It doesn't mean we're going to take it."

In other business, the county commission will address a few routine items including blanket purchase orders and a letter to serve as authorization for the Woodward County Health Department to enter into contracts for FY 2013-14.

Dunlap explained that the authorizing letter is part of an annual performance because the county only operates on a yearly basis, meaning the health department has to enter into new contracts each year, but must do so with the county board's authorization.

She said these contracts are for office related services such as copy machine maintenance, document shredding service, postage meter lease and others.

Another somewhat routine item on Monday's agenda includes a request to transfer funds between Highway District No. 2 accounts.  Dunlap said it is not uncommon for transfers to be made between district accounts as more money may be needed in one area over another.

In this case, she said the transfer would be from District 2's lease-purchase fund into the district's maintenance and operation fund.

The only other major agenda item for Monday's meeting is a resolution authorizing the levy of a use tax in the same amount as the county sales tax.

Dunlap said this resolution is "the implementation of a use tax to be collected for the fair building project; this just puts that tax into place."

A use tax is a tax charged on items that were purchased out of state but brought back for use in Oklahoma.

This use tax implementation coincides with the sales tax increase that Woodward County voters recently approved in February to generate funds for the building of a new expo center and rehabilitation of old barns at the county fairgrounds.  The fairgrounds improvement project is projected to cost around $14.2 million to complete.

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