On Sept. 26 the High Plains Technology Center held an 8 hour AAA defensive driving seminar, conducted by AAA certified instructors and local firefighters Mike Wickware and Chad Parks.

"We're here to enhance drivers' awareness," said Wickware. "Whether that be something as simple as teaching them to abide traffic laws or not eating or texting while driving."

In addition to the improving students' driving skills, taking the class can also lower a driver's insurance rates depending on their insurance provider.

"Right now we primarily teach for companies," Parks said. "Companies that have their employees driving company vehicles want to make sure they're safe drivers, but we're also interested in teaching the public as well."

While regular classes are not currently taking place for the public, Taylor Burnett, director of Business and Industry Services at HPTC, encourages those interested in taking the class to voice their interest.

"We'd love to make it a regular course," said Burnett, "people just need to let us know they're interested. We don't just teach defensive driving either, we teach everything from CPR to OSHA safety training. We have someone certified to train people in just about anything they'd need."

Individuals or companies interested in attending or having employees attend the defensive driving class, or those interested in learning more about the safety training programs offered at the technology center, are encouraged to call 571-6167 for more information.


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