Woodward City Commissioners held their regular meeting Monday and took on a routine agenda.

Commissioners voted to approve all items on the consent docket which included budgets for the month, holidays that the city will observe as official holidays, and to update the code of ordinances of the city of Woodward.

Commissioners received a report from Accurate Environmental Services concerning the cities solid waste management. According to Accurate Services the cities solid waste system is working up to expectations however, solid waste is 20 percent more than usual but the company said it didn’t expect any problems.

The board considered and approved a contract between the Woodward Municipal Authority and Steve and Avis Whittaker for purchase of personal property located at the Woodward Municipal Golf Course. Steve Whittaker informed the commissioners that he will be stepping down as course manager effective in March to begin his retirement.

The city commissioners also approved a lease agreement between the Woodward Municipal Authority and Univar USA, Inc. relative to property adjacent to a Railroad spur. The spur is located near the bridge and airport and Univar will be using the spur for the transportation oilfield waste.

Also, the city commissioners approved an agreement for professional airport consulting services and to raise the fine for child restraints to meet the new state law. The legislature raised the fine from a $25 ticket to a $92 ticket.


Woodward County Commissioners passed through a somewhat routine agenda during their weekly meeting Monday.

Commissioners reviewed all monthly reports from all county officers for October and set a resolution determining maximum monthly highway expenditures for November. Commissioners members studied a request from Opportunities, Inc. for a county donation for matching funds for low-income families assistance grant. Opportunities, Inc. requested $1,500 however the commissioners voted to give Opportunities, Inc. the same dollar amount as last year which totaled to $350 that would be taken out of the county’s charity fund.

An agreement was approved with Stock Exchange Bank to institute direct deposit of county payroll by means of automated clearing house. The transportation logs for juvenile secure detention in October was also reviewed.

The board received and requisitioned officers for the county health department and reviewed a proposal by the Air Evac Lifeteam to enroll county employees in their medical air transportation program. The commissioners also opened sealed bids for concrete work and accepted the bid of Kline Materials of $59 per yard for 3,000 pounds of concrete as well as $3 per load mile that will be charged to the county.

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