Legislation that could impact Oklahoma cattle producers and land owners will be the subject matter at the Northwest District Oklahoma Cattlemen’s member’s meeting Thursday evening.

The meeting will take place at the Pioneer room at 9th Street and Oklahoma. It includes a free steak dinner and begins at 6:30 p.m. Members are encouraged to come to the meeting, but it is also open to others who would like to become members.

Legislation regarding the much discussed issues related to private property rights will, perhaps, lead the discussion, said Jay Bogdahn, vice president of the Northwest District.

“There are, I think, 12 separate pieces of legislation that are intended to strengthen land owner’s rights,” Bogdahn said.

Land owners rights have been at the center of legal disputes throughout the state and nationwide in recent years regarding everything from legal battles over eminent domain to trespassing laws that don’t appear to favor the land owner.

If having the right to say what does and does not happen on your own property doesn’t get your political ire up, then come to discuss how the organization will represent cattle owners regarding a recent longing glance that the state has state has taken at all tax exemptions, since the government fell nearly $1.5 million short on revenue this year.

Or if the loss of tax exemptions fails to inspire, Bogdahn said come to discuss the possibility of adding another cattle theft investigator here, who if approved, would serve the local area, offering better and more focused investigations on cattle theft in this region.

“Anyone can come and this will be a good time to meet some of the staff from the state office, who are coming as well,” Bogdahn said.