High Plains Technology Center’s Business Professionals of America (BPA) group will be hosting its third annual spaghetti luncheon on Thursday, April 27 from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“This is our third annual luncheon and we have had many compliments on the taste,” said Allen Jones, BPA reporter. “It helps to benefit the students up here that are going to national competitions.”

The menu for the luncheon will be spaghetti, bread and a dessert (ice cream bar for dine-ins and a brownie for deliveries.) If patrons choose to dine in, they will also receive a drink with their meal.

Jones said that deliveries will again be available this year and they ask that places of business have at least five orders for them to deliver.

“We do make some exceptions, like on Main Street - if we can get them delivered, we will,” added Jones.

According to BPA sponsor and HPTC instructor Penny Guthrie, proceeds of the event will go toward helping to fund their trip to national competitions in Orlando, Fla. The group will be leaving on May 6. There will be four students competing in the national competitions this year - LaRee Cannon, who placed first at the state competition in the small business management event and also placed second in advanced interview skills; Celeste Sanchez, who was also on the small business management team with Cannon; Jan Nance who placed second in economic research project; and Krystle Thompson who placed first in administrative support project. There was also another qualifier who will not be able to attend the national competition, Bethany Bryant, who placed first in advanced accounting and was the third member of the small business management team.

“We also had several students who placed in the top 10 at the state competitions,” said Guthrie. “They only allow the top three placing in each individual division and the top two placing in the team events. We also have received several chapter awards that we will be recognized for as well at the national conference.”

Jones was also among those who placed in the state competition, placing seventh in graphic design and placed third with team member Mario Perez by doing a research paper over identity theft.

Jones said that if you would like to place orders for the luncheon, or make donations to help the students go to the national competition, please call him or Guthrie at 571-6133, ext. 133.

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