In a special meeting held Thursday afternoon, the Woodward Public Schools Board of Education approved the spending of federally reimbursed funds.

Just over $16,000 was reimbursed by the government to the Schools Child Nutrition Fund and can now be spent.

Each year the district submits to the state a report on how many free and reduced meals they have. In return, the state and federal governments reimburse the school district for the cost of these meals.

In July 2008, an estimate was made as to how much money the district would collect on free and reduced lunches. The money collected has exceeded those original expectations, causing a surplus.

The surplus money from the government is already in the fund, but needed to be voted on by the board before it could legally be spent. The school board passed it unanimously.

Thursday was the first day that action could be made on the funds, which is why the meeting was scheduled. All the federally reimbursed surplus money will remain in the child nutrition fund to be used for food.

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