The Woodward County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a recent oil field burglary in which thieves made off with approximately $25,000 worth of pipe joints.

Twenty joints of a special type of drilling string were taken from a Crusader Energy Group site in southwest Woodward County sometime over the holiday weekend, according to Acting Sheriff Don Bradley.

The sheriff’s office has already exhausted a couple of leads, Bradley said, noting that deputies have checked out some guys they have previously arrested for oil field theft, but found no sign of the stolen pipe.

“But we do have one good thing going for us,” Bradley said, noting that “every fifth joint is stenciled with Crusader across the tubing body.”

If anyone has information about the stolen pipe, Bradley urged them to contact the Woodward County Sheriff’s Office at (580) 256-2200.

“Maybe they see it in somebody’s yard and know it doesn’t belong,” he said.

Before this recent pipe theft was reported, Bradley said “we thought we had a handle on oil field theft.”

In fact, he said Woodward County hasn’t “had an oil field case in five to six months.”

“We were working it proactively,” Bradley said. “Any scuttlebutt we heard, we would try to track it down.”

“It keeps people on their toes if they hear we’re keeping track,” he said, noting that the goal is to discourage thieves from even attempting oil field burglaries in Woodward County.

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