One person has been arrested so far in the Friday, Jan. 15 robbery of Bank7 in Camargo.

Trevor Bilyeu from Fargo was arrested in the case, according to Dewey County Sheriff Clay Sander.

“By 10:30 Friday night, we had him in custody, not on the robbery but on a revocation on other charges but the reason that we picked him up was for his involvement in the bank robbery,” Sander said. “By that time we also had most of the money recovered.”

According to Sander, Bilyeu was not working alone.

“There's other people involved,” Sander said. “There'll be indictments or arrest warrants issued for them shortly.”

While there are a lot of similarities to the robbery of the Oklahoma State Bank in Gage on Nov. 2, 2020, Sander said there is no evidence at this time to suggest it was done by the same person.

The investigation is a joint effort between the Dewey County Sheriff's office and the FBI.

According to Dewey County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, a joint investigation involving the Dewey County Sheriff’s Office and the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office quickly determined the robber used a 4-wheel ATV during the crime. Security Video footage, investigative work and tips led investigators to Bilyeu.

“The thing that helped us out the most was that the public was aware of their surroundings and was able to assist in our investigation,” Sander said. “The Bank7 employees did an amazing job in handling themselves during the robbery.”

According to Sander, bank robberies are oftentimes difficult to solve.

“With the help of the community and the Bank7 employees, I think we did that in an expedient manner,” Sander said.

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