The Woodward High School Academic Lettermen banquet will be held tonight at 7 p.m. in the high school commons.

The event, which is sponsored by Woodward Iodine, is in its 20th year. Woodward Iodine also sponsors the math/science scholarships that will be presented at the banquet.

According to Delores Woodruff, counselor, three monetary scholarships will be given during the event, as well as honoring the junior, sophomore and freshman academic lettermen with the high average by presenting them with a high school letter jacket.

Also honored during the banquet will be National Honor Society members, the Model Congress members, Academic Bowl participants and the Spanish language awards will also be given.

According to Woodruff, to be an Academic Letterman, students must have a 3.75 grade point average with no art, music or sports counted in the average.

Academic Lettermen for the 2005-2006 school year are as follows:

Seniors - Lauryn Ansley, Lindsey Armstrong, Cassidy Bennett, Wayne Billings, Brooke Bogdahn, Brenna Day, Lindsey Eyer, Micah Fewin, Braden Hemminger, Trey Hester, Jonsthan Hickman, Stephanie Hollis, Clarissa Hunter, Jessica Johnson, Ashley McDonald, Tyson Miller, Tammy Newman, Caley Servis, Jackie Trout, Shala Vassar, Chelsea Warnick, Bryce White and Mary White.

Juniors - Anthony Allison, Kristin Barnett, Matthew Borba, Eryn Brooks, Landon Bruehl, Sarah Castor, Troy Clark, Michelle Collins, Stephanie Day, Whitney Devine, Danielle Dezort, Ricky Frech, Rebekah Gore, Christopher Harrison, Jessica Harrison, Jessica Hoffert, Drew Hunter, Kami Jensen, Chelsey Jones, Kassy Kornele, Vincent Lauderdale, Josh Melton, Tyson Miller, Stacie Mitchell, Jake Murphy, Kayla Oldham, Tiffany Phillips, Destiny Rivera, Stephanie Shifflett, James Stricker, Tialyn White, Kasady Williams, Andrew Willis, Sunny Wilson, Tara Woodmansee and Addie Work.

Sophomores - Callie Armstrong, Kaylee Brace, Alysha Castor, Emily Cecil, Chris Cooper, Kori Dezort, Amy English, Bailie Gaster, Addison Gerdes, Andrew Hickman, Sun Young Kim, Allison Lauderdale, Joey Miller, Matthew Moore, Whitlea Moster, Michael Mote, David Nelson, Stepheen Nelson, Riley Pagett, Tayler Powell, Leah Radke, Kathryn Shore, Benjamin Smith, Kendra Story, Jamie Trissel, Alyssa Troy, Jill Weidemann, Rachael Woolley and Lora Worley.

Freshmen - Kiley Barnett, Rachel Benbrook, Kyle Bilbo, Kelsey Blocker, Carli Covalt, Kelsey Dennison, Delta Farmer, Larissa Hammans, Cooper Harrison, Kendra Hollis, Wesley Howell, Farrah Hutchings, Melanie Kirkley, Matthew McDonald, Jessica McDow, Austin Miller, Chelsea Murray, Mallory Ross, Jennifer Shifflett, Cady Smith, Kaleb Smith, Rachell Smith, Tanner Smith, Andrew Tait, Brian Trout, Josh Watson and Tosha Webb.

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