FORT SUPPLY - A second prisoner in the less than a week has walked away from William S. Key Correctional Center.

At about 2 p.m. inmate Uxiel Torres-Rodriquez (ODOC 723862) was last seen "headed west" from the facility, according to DOC Spokeswoman Terri Watkins and radio chatter between law enforcement who were looking for the escapee.

Torres-Rodriquez, 37, is five foot and eight inches tall. He weighs about 160 pounds. He was serving a total of six years for charges including possession of proceeds (from alleged sale of drugs), possession of false identification and possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

According to Woodward County Sheriff Kevin Mitchell, he and eight of his deputies and numerous DOC officials were spanning out within several miles near Fort Supply Lake and on West where Torres Rodriquez was last spotted.

"Our last spotting was by the Marty Logan RV storage at U.S. 270 and Reservation Road," Mitchell said. "From there we don't have a definite direction of travel."

Last Thursday 39-year-old John Mauldin escaped from the minimum security prison and was captured on Monday by Harper County Deputies in collaboration with DOC correctional officers. He had made it from Fort Supply to Oklahoma Highway 34, about four to six miles north of the Woodward/Harper County line.

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