Kids Inc. will have a busy weekend hosting its annual girls basketball tournament.

The tournament started Friday night and will last until Sunday around 8 p.m. with a total of 42 games being played over the weekend.

Kids Inc. Director Mike Medill said this is 15th year to hold the tournament which is a major  fundraiser for Kids Inc. Earlier this month, Kids, Inc. hosted a boys tournament.

Medill said there are 2 brackets for the girls teams.

“Third and 4th grade girls will play against each other, and 5th and 6th grade girls will play against each other,” he said.

There are 12th teams in the 3rd and 4th grade bracket and 10 in the 5th and 6th grade.

Medill said the number of teams competing vary year to year

“A lot of the teams are from out town,” Medill said, noting Hammon, Laverne, Canute, Sharon-Mutual, Elk City, Clinton are some of the teams coming for the weekend.

“Some of the teams can make it yearly, and some of the teams can only make it every couple of years,” he said.

Medill said the tournament is a pool play tournament.

For example, the 5th and 6th teams are broken down into Pool “E” “F” and “G.” Pool “E” consists of 4 teams and each team will play each other in with winner of “E” advancing to play the winning team in “F” and the winner of that team will advance to play the winner in “G,” he said.

Medill said the games usually last 45 minutes to a hour and consist of two 16 minute nonstop quarters.

“We want to raise money for equipment and purchases, we make for Kids Inc. and funds to run the (Kids Inc.) programs,” Medill said.

He said the funds raised will come from admission into the tournament and from the concession stand.

“This is the only thing Kids Inc. charges for (basketball tournament) throughout the year,” Medill said.

A lot of the work during the tournament is done by volunteers.

“The Kids Inc. Board of Directors try to do most of the work, such as work the door and the concession stand,” Medill said.

In addition to the Kids Inc. Board of Directors, the Woodward High School National Honor Society will also work the door and the concession stand, Medill said.

“We get quite a bit of volunteer work for the tournament,” Medill said.

However, Medill said Kids Inc. saves most of the money from not having to pay referees for the tournament.

“The refs (during the tournament) are volunteers so they don’t get paid for their work which helps us (Kids Inc.) save money,” Medill said.

Medill said the most important part of the tournament is the kids.

“The best part of the tournament is seeing the kids (from Woodward) compete against teams from out of town,” he said.

Medill said the tournament is good publicity for Kids Inc.

“It brings a lot of business into Kids Inc. and people are impressed with the facilities and how well the tournament runs,” he said.

Medill wanted to say “thank you” to everyone volunteering their time to help with the tournament.

“I really appreciate people volunteering their time to help the kids play basketball.” Medill said.

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