On Saturday starting at 10 a.m. Historic Fort Supply is hosting an historic reenactment and festival.

Historic Fort Supply is a state owned historic site on the south end of the town of Fort Supply. The site is open to visitors year round.

Some educational displays and events will be on site including, Buffalo Soldiers, stage coach rides, chuck wagons, cavalry demonstrations and historic artillery displays.

Visitors may also enjoy hearing Donnis Crane, professional storyteller, author, and inspirational speaker.

According to Crane's writings she loves to tell stories, “quickly capturing her audiences’ attention through vivid imagery and fascinating detail.”

Through storytelling we preserve our heritage, pass on traditions, learn skills, and enhance creativity in thinking, writing, and oral communications. Moreover, in the process, we gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live, she said.

Native American Minoma Littlehawk will be the guest speaker for the Native customs and history talk.

A member of the Southern Cheyenne tribe who also has relatives among the Northern Cheyenne, Littlehawk traces her ancestry to relatives massacred by Custer’s cavalry forces at Black Kettle’s camp on Oklahoma’s Washita River in November of 1868.

As well, arms historian Frank Carriker will speak on historic arms and munitions, giving insight on how these arms functioned on the battlefield so many years ago.

For more information contact Robert Robertson, Plains Indians & Pioneers Museum (580)-256-6138 or Shayne House Historic Fort Supply (580) 766-3767.

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