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Friday’s covid updates include 64 positive in Woodward County with 54 of those in Woodward, 1 in Sharon, 2 in Fort Supply and 4 in Mooreland, according to the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Dewey County has 15, 9 in Ellis County and 4 in Harper County.

Woodward Public School is reporting four staff members and 36 students positive. Eight staff members are on close-contact quarantine, as well as 204 students. Some of those are at-school quarantine and some are quarantine at home.

“We're hoping we can get a handle on this get some help from our kids and our parents out there and get those numbers going back in the right direction,” Superintendent Kyle Reynolds said in a Facebook video on Friday.

According to Reynolds, the quarantine rules came directly from the CDC.

“I think since late spring they've had really the same rules,” Reynolds said. “If you're identified as a close contact, it's recommended that you quarantine for seven days and on the seventh day if you get a negative test, then you go back to school and work."

Monitoring symptoms, a 10-day quarantine can be observed with no test.

“We do have testing at the school,” Reynolds said. “If the close contact was determined that it happened at school. Then we offer parents and students the option of a quarantine period that happens at school.”

If someone in the household tests positive exposing a student, then quarantine happens at home, according to Reynolds.

“We have had some situations where students were exposed to the positive case, in an environment outside of the home,” Reynolds said in the video. “In that case we continue to offer the same solution as we would if that occurred at school, and so they can do that quarantine at school if the parent so wishes.”

Ten school staff members are certified in contact trace investigating.

“We are relying on them to look at every single case and make sure that we're doing what's best for our kids, our school and our community,” Reynolds said. “In a nutshell why it's so hard to give a set of guidelines or protocols that cover every single situation, because it does get complicated.”

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