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Woodward County Commissioners and county officers meet Monday in the Woodward County Courthouse to discuss the employee handbook and other topics. (Photo by Dawnita Fogleman)

Woodward County Commissioners have perhaps come closer to some decisions regarding the county employee handbook.

“We're the most populated, highest evaluated County in Northwest Oklahoma. We should be the lead county in all things,” District 1 Commissioner Troy White said. “And it's embarrassing that we have three different policy manuals floating around here from miscellaneous years. And I'm glad that we're trying to straighten it out. It needs to be done.”

Much of the discussion at Monday’s meeting had to do with discrepancies between courthouse hours laid out in the handbook compared to actual practice. Salary and hourly employee hours and overtime discrepancies were also discussed.

“You can't run an organization, this size and this amount of employees, without policies, and directions,” Troy White said. “There has to be structure. It needs to be standard.”

In absence of the County Treasurer, who was unable to attend Monday’s meeting, no vote was taken but officers were asked to review the ACCO sample handbook and bring proposed changes next week.

In absence of any public comment, the board approved the request for a change of zoning classification for Adam and Misti Nelson for a part of SE ¼ SW ¼ SE ¼ Section 18 T22N R20W from A-1 agriculture to I-3 industrial.

Commissioners approved disposing of equipment, a snowblower from District 3 to be transferred and purchased by District 1.

The board opened two sealed bids. Each only had a single bid. One is for a newer crew cab pickup for Fire Prevention, which was awarded to McKay Ford for $38,818. The other is a County-wide six-month bid for road materials awarded to Dub Ross Company.

Commissioners meet each Monday at 10 a.m. in the courthouse.

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