Nobel Prize Nominee, Best Selling Author, and Youngevity Founder Dr. Joel D. Wallach is coming to Woodward to offer a free health seminar. 


Tuesday, Oct. 2, Wallach will hold his seminar at 6:30 p.m. at High Plains Technology Center. 


Wallach has made a number of impacts in the medical world and affected the lives of many. He is know for his research on the benefits of selenium and other minerals. Former Woodward resident Stan Dennison is one of the many to follow Wallach’s work. 


“It’s my mission to spread his mission,” Dennison said. “It’s all about natural, healthy living.”


Wallach’s lectures are based on the use of vitamins and mineral supplements, in addition to diet. 


Wallach conducts over 300 health lectures internationally, according to Dennison, and continues to host a radio show five days a week.


“Dr. Wallach has been awarded the Global Officials of Dignity Award, which was presented at the United Nations,” Dennison said. “The Wooster Beach Gold Medal and was a Nobel Prize Nominee.” 


Dennison said Wallach has sued the Food and Drug Administration multiple times and won nine of the cases. 


“We’re all about health without prescription drugs for life," Dennison said.


At the end of the lecture, audience members will have the chance to ask questions, Dennison said. 


For more information or to reserve a seat call High Plains Technology Center at (580) 256-6618.