Bridgette Taylor

Bridgette Taylor (Photo by Roxanne Photography)

Headaches, anxiety, depression, joint pain, insomnia, memory loss, inflammation, heart palpitations, chest pain, gastrointestinal issues, acid reflux, fatigue, fibromyalgia, vertigo, hair loss, restless leg syndrome…

These are only a few of the symptoms Bridgette Taylor experienced over the past few years and after what felt like forever, she finally realized the cause. Now she’s warning other women with her story.

Taylor had gotten breast implants in May 2015. By August things had gone south.

“I got my implants in May, in August I turned 40,” Taylor recounted. “I constantly blamed – you know they say when you hit 40 everything falls apart. Well I just thought that was the same. When I hit 40 I literally felt like I could start seeing things happening and going on. I constantly thought it was just getting older.”

Because it was so easy to blame her symptoms on something else, Taylor can’t pinpoint when they first began but believes they hit hard right after her husband left for Egypt for work.

“At that point, I started developing major symptoms like brain fog, not functioning, heavy fatigue, feeling like a brick was on my head,” Taylor said. “It’s just indescribable. It’s crazy.”

Taylor finally visited with her regular doctor who ordered lab work to see if they could find the problem.

“You know your body and I knew that something was wrong,” Taylor said.

Her lab work showed that her RH factor was high and so she went to see a rheumatoid arthritis specialist. She was then diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.

“I saw my RA doctor months after months, medicines were not working, couldn’t figure out what was going on, taking harmful medicines, putting bad medicines in my body, and you know lots of bad things,” Taylor said. “The last time I went to see her, she looked me in the face and told me there was nothing else that she could really do for me.”

Taylor left her appointment feeling defeated and fell into a deep depression. Then she found a spark of hope.

“My sister had put a bug in my ear and said, ‘I just saw something on the news about Breast Implant Illness’ and she said, ‘When I saw the symptoms, it scared me,’” Taylor said. “So my sister is my biggest inspiration. I felt like God led her to tell me.”

In recent years, breast implants have come under fire in the media for causing a number of problems in women. Textured implants were even banned for their connection to a rare form of breast cancer.

Taylor began to research Breast Implant Illness, finding more and more women who had experienced similar issues. As she continued to research, she decided to schedule a consult with a surgeon in Oklahoma City to discuss the possibility of her having Breast Implant Illness.

“It was like a light went off,” Taylor said. “He said that, you know, ‘I cannot say that your symptoms are 100 percent going to go away. I’m not a miracle doctor but I can tell you that women that I am seeing right now that are saying the same thing as you, they are seeing symptoms go away.’”

Taylor walked away with some newfound positivity and three months later on July 18, had her implants removed.

During her five-hour surgery, the surgeon found that Taylor’s left implant had ruptured.

“Now that one of the sides ruptured, all of these chemicals and stuff were leaking (into my body),” Taylor said.

She was hopeful that the surgery would help alleviate some of her symptoms, but Taylor woke to a whole new person.

“I woke up from surgery and it was almost like a rebirth,” Taylor smiled. “I felt clear.”

After Taylor’s husband helped her into the car, he turned to her and said, “You look like you’re glowing.”

“I get so emotional when I think about it because I felt like I was dying,” Taylor said with tears in her eyes. “So, from going from thinking you were dying to seeing a glow right after anesthesia is just amazing.”

A mere five weeks after her surgery, Taylor sat down with the Woodward News to recount her story and her health continues to improve.

“I can tell you that my energy is increasing tons,” Taylor said. “So now I’m living life to the fullest.”

She still sees flareups of a few symptoms, but she believes things will only get better now that the implants have been removed.

Recently, Taylor visited her regular doctor for lab work and is pleased to see that her numbers have vastly improved since having the implants removed. Her numbers improved even more quickly than her doctor expected following her surgery.

“That to me was like a sign from above,” Taylor said. “Because it’s not scientifically proven, you’re going with your gut and hoping that when you have these breast implants removed, that you are going to feel better. And that’s what I was doing, but when you see those numbers it’s like justification.”

As her health continues to improve, Taylor has made it her mission to help others and raise awareness about the dangers of breast implants.

“I want to help other women that have been faced with the same thing as me, and I can’t speak for other women that have breast implants,” Taylor said. “This is my story. The ones that are feeling the same way as me or are struggling or not getting answers… When I woke up, I just knew it was my mission. My mission from God is to help others.”

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