The Woodward Arts Theatre will hold a screening of the Youth Arts Camp short film "Camp Much Ado" on Thursday (Oct. 4) at 6:30 p.m. at the theatre.

Students spent a week in July learning about: screenwriting, acting, directing, producing and other aspects of making a short film.  The students will answer questions and be present as a panel for questions and answers, much as they would at a professional film festival.  It will also be a time for students to share what they learned. 

Damien Patrik, who supervised the project, announced that the film has already been accepted to a couple of festivals scheduled in the upcoming year.

The public is invited to watch the student film free of charge and support the kids in their work. 

Following the student screening, Patrik will be screening several of his award winning films at 7:30 p.m. Total running time of the films is 45 minutes, followed by a brief Q and A.

Patrik has won dozens of awards for his short films. In 2016 Patrik personally was honored with the prestigious Ken Hendricks Award for Excellence from the Beloit International Film Festival, for his body of work and passion for filmmaking. He also won the Emerging Artist Award from Twister Alley International Film Festival this same year, and the Independent Spirit Award at the Bare Bones International Film Festival in 2017. In 2018 he was the first ever Artist-In-Residence at the Beloit International Film Festival. He has been a featured speaker on film panels, and has taught filmmaking to both children and adults in talks, workshops and at film camps throughout the country.


First and Last-A landlord in Sedona, Arizona needs to rent out his place in a hurry, but first he must deal with all the New Age lunatics who all want to be his tenant. 12 min.

Cheese!-Three fun-loving girls and a camera. Say Cheese! 5 min.

In The Blink-Time flies. Faster than you ever imagined. 5 min.

High Signs-A Docu-Comedy about one of America’s least coveted professions. 13 min.

StalkerZ-A man is being followed through downtown Denver by someone he knows very well. 3 min.

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