Approximately 175 exhibitors are preparing for the K101 Fall-A-Days this weekend, according to CFO Shawn Miller.

The Woodward County Event Center will be buzzing Friday from 11 a.m. through 8 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. through 8 p.m. and Sunday noon through 5 p.m.

“We've really got a lot of people coming in from out of the state,” Miller said. “Also have quite a few local. There's a good variety of products.”

Several wineries will be at the show this year.

“We some agricultural products coming in too,” Miller said. “It’s a good mix."

Hot tubs will also be on display, as well as a few mattress companies.

“Oklahoma Blood Institute’s gonna be there,” Miller added. “They’re actually going to be doing blood donations, like they always do.”

The Woodward Rodders are bringing classic hot rods.

“They're bringing in a bunch of cars,” Miller shared. “Gonna have a little car show in the back there, on the south end.”

Prizes will be announced during the show.

“A lot of the exhibitors do have some giveaway products,” Miller said. “They’ll be giving away booth prizes and we’ll announced that on the overhead at the show.”

According to Miller, there will be plenty of food available as well.

“There's a ton of food vendors,” Miller said. “Fried everything… all kinds of baked goods and candy.”

Alabaster Caverns will also be at Fall-A-Days with wildlife displays.

“They’ve got an outside exhibit that you can walk in and check out all different things about the State park,” Miller explained. “Talks about bat migration, in and out of the caverns. That's really cool.”

There will also be inflatables for the children.

“There's just a ton arts and crafts, homemade furniture,” Miller said. “There's just a lot of really cool stuff that’s handmade in that arts and crafts building.”

Proprietary products will also be available, including candles and essential oils, according to Miller.

“Church of the Nazarene is going to be here,” Miller said. “They’re just gonna talk about some of the things they've got going on in their church.”

The Veterans of Foreign Wars and Disabled Vets will also have a booth.

“They're going to be doing some things to help area veterans,” Miller said. “Providing information if they need help getting benefits and all that.”

There will also bee some local interest with Crystal Christmas and the Woodward Aquatic Center promoting and bringing awareness to the center they want to build on 13th Street.

“It's a probably more of a diverse selection of exhibitors that we've had of products even in the farm shows. Should be a good one,” Miller said.

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