Woodward Animal Hospital has added a new veterinarian, Michael Didier, to its staff.

Didier has been a veterinarian since 2010 and graduated from Oklahoma State University.

"I grew up on a ranch in western Oklahoma, near Thomas and just had a natural pull to work with animals," Didier said.

Didier said that he loves working on all animals, large and small.

"Working with people who care about their animals and being able to offer them a service to help them be profitable with their cattle is what I like best," Didier said. "But being able to save a small animal for someone is also very satisfying."

Didier ended up in Woodward after making a call to Marvin Reidlinger who was thinking about adding another doctor to the staff at Woodward Animal Hospital.

"It just fell into place, I wanted to get closer to home," he said.

Dr. Reidlinger said that Didier has brought real progress and new medicine to our practice.

"His integrity is amazing and he has the know how to get things done and is not afraid to hop in and do the new surgeries," Reidlinger said.

Didier said that being a vet was the best choice for his career.

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