Cycle to celebrate

“I think if people come out and show their support, that would be awesome,” Woodward Love’s Store #16 Manager Tammy Gharet said. “I’m trying to get it out there, because it's really neat. It's a really good thing.”

Gold Star Mom Kaye Jordan and her “Cycle to Celebrate” team will be making their way through the area this weekend on bicycles. With the help of Legacies Alive organization and participating Love’s Country Stores, Jordan’s mission is to support families who have lost a loved one in any of military conflict.

Gharet said she has a bunch of customers who are veterans. 

“They're doing it for them. That’s what they're going across country for,” Gharet said. “It's a really big possibility that there may be a really good turnout.”

US Navy Veteran Chris Ring, Air Force Veteran George Hinojos and Legacies Alive member Rob Brigance are joining Jordan in this challenge.

Jordan is not new to such a challenge. As a matter of a fact, the some 800 mile trek from Peterson Air Force Base at Colorado Springs, to the Veteran’s Memorial at Soldier Spring Park in Weatherford, Texas is a small jaunt compared her 2017 Legacy Challenge from California to New York.

If all goes well, the team was due in Buffalo on Wednesday evening and then Woodward on Thursday.

“We are a banner store,” Buffalo Love’s Country Store Assistant Manager Tori Hurley explained. “We're to cater and to take care of them.

“They're going to answer questions, anybody that has questions. They're willing to take pictures.”

According to Woodward Love’s Store #47 Manager Christal Pigford, the stores will be providing fuel and food for the team as they come through. Her store is located on Oklahoma Ave.

Woodward Love’s Store #16 is on Williams Avenue. and is last on the list before the team moves on into Southern Oklahoma.

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