Two new active cases of of COVID-19 have been reported in Woodward County as of Thursday, according to the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Woodward now has a total of 3 cases, with one recovered.

Texas County numbers are up to 820 with 421 recovered and four deaths. Beaver County has had 24 cases with 20 of those already recovered. Dewey County has had three cases with two recovered. Harper County still only has one case which has recovered. Ellis County still has no reported cases.

Oklahoma numbers continue to fall with 5,680 cases reported, 4,361 recovered and a total of 304 deaths.

“We're incredibly surprised we haven't had more cases until now, as our first case came in very early on in this crisis,” Emergency Management Director Matt Lehenbauer said. “The big reminder for the public is just don't get too complacent. Continue to take all the necessary, common sense precautions.”

According to Lehenbauer, some places have not been allowing individuals and families who live together to be able to sit together in their establishments.

“They're exposed to each other all day long,” Lehenbauer said. “If you're already living with that person lives in your household, of course, you can sit together and use extra precautions on going out into public areas, grocery stores, restaurants, etc.”

There is also no need to wear a mask while driving a vehicle or in any circumstance where you are not within the prescribed 6 feet of another person. Masks are only needed in very close contact or in high risk areas, according to Lehenbauer.

“Protect the higher risk population of course. The elderly relatives and friends or you are elderly,  just just take that extra step of precaution,” Lehenbauer said. “We don't want this part of Northwest Oklahoma to end up similar to what's happening in the Guymon area.”

Lehenbauer also cautions to use common sense with glove wearing, once a glove has come in contact with something someone else has touched, it needs to be changed.

“Regular hand washing is most effective,” Lehenbauer said. “Those are just common sense things.”

According to Lehenbauer, the Oklahoma State Department of Health will be contacting people who have been exposed to both individuals who are now active cases.

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